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Anyword Increases Sales Velocity and Boosts Product-Market Fit with Copilot

Anyword is an artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting tool that helps marketers create performance-driven, effective copy for ads, social posts, websites, and more. They help customers improve conversions and increase brand awareness by scaling their messaging creation through AI-driven insights. Anyword uses Copilot to analyze customer conversations, find trends, and improve retention through effective messaging and smoother customer experiences.


When Anyword became a product-led growth company in 2021, they needed to figure out their core value proposition and understand their ideal customer profile (ICP). That meant developing the right talk track, understanding customer value, and knowing what led to retention or churn.

New sales leadership came on board to build out their enterprise and go-to-market teams, and quickly found training new sales reps a monumental task. They had trouble enabling their sales teams with consistent, effective messaging over Slack and Zoom. They needed a platform to assist reps on calls in real time, providing must-have coaching in the moment and AI-driven insights after every call.


Anyword initially evaluated another conversational intelligence solution to record and transcribe calls. But the pricing model wasn’t a match, and their features didn’t provide the functionality Anyword knew they needed. Anyword selected Copilot after a close look at their powerful conversational intelligence features. They also found an opportunity to grow into additional must-have capabilities offered by the Clari Revenue Platform as their team scales.

Beyond the basic call recording functions the other solution offers, Clari evolves revenue teams beyond passive, outdated call recording. Real-time, high-impact coaching, and embedded experiences ensure conversations lead to results. In addition to the Sales team, Customer Success and Marketing also benefit from Copilot through customer insights and smooth account transitions to post-sales.

"Clari is doing something that honestly changes people’s work. I think every sales leader needs Copilot."

Arrod La Roque
Head of Sales, Anyword

Achieving Revenue Precision With Clari

Simplified internal management and communication
Copilot has simplified the way Anyword keeps track of important conversations and analyzes customer feedback, enabling Anyword’s Sales team to unearth new insights and customer patterns. In addition to Sales, Customer Success uses Copilot to partner more closely during account transitions to ensure a high level of support. Anyword’s Marketing team benefits from discovering real customer pains at an agile pace. Marketing uses direct conversations with their customers and prospects to develop messaging, core differentiators, and their narrative as an enterprise solution.

Copilot has helped Anyword evolve how they market their offerings. They spotted recurring themes in prospect and customer conversations and decided to capitalize on it. Initially just selling one type of solution, they now have three. “Copilot has been a huge help in not needing salespeople to try to relay what customers are actually asking for,” says Arrod La Roque, Head of Sales. “Instead, the Head of Acquisitions, Head of Content, and product managers can hear it word-for-word from customers.”

More effective sales teams through improved velocity and greater deal volume
With the best customer conversations available for sharing, review, and enablement, Copilot helps improve sales team performance by seeing what works and what doesn’t—so everyone can get better at closing deals. “Copilot has helped me build a better sales culture. Now we’re focused on really connecting with people, building a real relationship, and paying attention to feelings.” The battle card feature in Copilot helps the sales team handle objections and specific scenarios that come up often. This leads to deeper discovery, helping improve the sales cycle to close more deals.

The sales team was able to spend less time prepping, taking notes, and worrying about handoffs, which increased sales velocity. “Writing a thoughtful note can take a lot of time,” says La Roque. “Instead, we can review the transcript and create bullet points for every stakeholder using their words. It’s really powerful.” Opportunities progress faster because the team is hyper-focused. “Copilot has created deeper discovery, more qualified opportunities, and happier customers,” says La Roque.

Simplified tech stack with the Clari Revenue Platform
Anyword saw value in not only adopting Copilot, but in running the entire revenue process under one platform as their needs become more complex. Clari’s ability to be an all-inclusive tool for revenue management has also made it easier for Anyword to manage its budget and avoid repeat justifications to Finance about adding additional solutions. “I don’t want to keep track of multiple vendors to get the most out of our investment. If I can spend less time in different products and more time selling, planning, coaching, and working with stakeholders, a unified platform adds value,” says La Roque.

“Copilot has made us better sellers in general. As we grow, I’m excited to incorporate Clari, so we get more predictability and consistency to repeat our successes,” says La Roque. By running revenue under one roof, Clari can also act as a strategic partner. “Because Clari understands my business, they can help address things I may not have been thinking about.”

A big reason why I’ve continued to grow my relationship with Copilot and Clari is because of the team culture. Copilot’s technology is awesome, but when I saw the type of engagement that some of the sales leaders have at Clari, it showed me that I was working with a responsible company that would treat their people well. That meant that they would always be able to bring their best work to me.

Arrod La Roque
Head of Sales, Anyword

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