Align Your Account Strategy with Execution

December 31, 2020 | 9:00AM PT / 12:00PM ET

Get a new lens into Account Engagement. Unlock real-time visibility into how your team is engaging with their target accounts and how those accounts are responding.

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Clari’s Account Engagement gives revenue leaders a real-time view into every buyer and seller engagement with accounts. As teams become more remote, you don’t have to waste time asking reps to “report the news”. See all the activity—or lack thereof—so you can identify accounts at risk and where your team needs to spend time.

No more tracking activities in spreadsheets or pulling incomplete CRM reports. Take control of how you engage with every customer and net new account with Clari Account Engagement:

  • Account Heatmap: See a timeline of every email and meeting engagement for any given account so you can easily understand which ones are healthy and which require attention.
  • Engagement KPIs: Automatically capture and view engagement metrics across accounts to ensure your reps are spending their time and effort wisely.
  • Territory Coverage: Understand which accounts sales and marketing are engaged with so you can optimize territory distribution and make sure all accounts are getting enough attention.
  • Account Whitespace: Quickly identify accounts with no recent activity so you can prompt your reps to increase engagement.

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Everything You Need to Nail Your Forecast

Gain revenue confidence by driving forecast accuracy for current and future quarters, running a consistent process, and increasing operational rigor.

Everything You Need to Master Account Engagement

With visibility into real-time account engagement and health, understand exactly what actions reps need to take to close their deals.

Our Customers Love Clari

With Clari, we have experienced a 5x increase in forecast simplicity, speed, and accuracy — in every single region across the globe.

Lou Serlenga
SVP Americas Sales
Aruba, an HPE company

With Clari we're able to predict future growth and adjust sales activities to ensure we exceed plans. It's driven revenue growth and significant productivity improvement.

Joe Pellitteri
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business Solutions
Frontier Communications

Clari brings new transparency to our sales process. Now the entire company aligns around the same numbers.

Eric Yuan
Founder and CEO

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