When your entire go-to-market team is aligned, you can see 19% faster growth and 15% more profits. So why are most marketing, sales and customer success teams still disconnected?

Too often these teams operate in silos, leading to visibility and accountability issues across the entire sales funnel.

In this webinar, Jake Randall, VP of Business Operations at Okta and Cornelius Willis, CMO at Clari, will unpack 3 impactful ways top-performing companies are using Clari’s Connected Revenue Operations platform to align their go-to market-teams and predictably drive revenue.

Register to learn how you can:

  • Build common cadences that align your teams around revenue goals
  • Auto-connect your activity data to create a single source of truth about the business
  • Drive actions to accelerate conversions and address forecast risk

Jake Randall
VP of Business Operations, Okta

Cornelius Willis
Chief Marketing Officer, Clari

Asher Matthew
VP Business Development at LeanData

Matthew Wellschlager
VP Marketing at Ceros


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