Case Study
How 6sense Stays Ahead of Renewal Risk
to Retain and Expand Customers

6sense delivers intelligent solutions that empower go-to-market teams with insights to better understand their buyers—driving smarter, more personalized engagements across channels, campaigns, and accounts.
6sense first partnered with Clari to standardize forecasting for new business. Soon, they saw more predictable execution and better win rates. Seeing sales optimization in action, 6sense’s customer success team wanted a similar process for retaining and expanding customers. 

To achieve equal rigor and boost revenue, 6sense brought their customer success team into Clari—unlocking the value of a seamless customer journey.


  • Customer success judged renewals based on limited information and gut feelings, without data-driven insights into at-risk deals.
  • Limited visibility into account health and usage data resulted in missed expansion opportunities.
  • Staffing for future quarters proved difficult due to limited insight into sales forecasts for net-new and upsell deals.


  • Surface adoption, satisfaction, and engagement data to improve customer health and mitigate churn.
  • Gain visibility into potential white space across healthy accounts to proactively create and win upsells.
  • Leverage reliable artificial intelligence projections and accurate forecasts for future hiring and capacity planning,
At 6sense, customer success is central to generating recurring revenue. To drive smooth renewals, we needed the visibility, predictability, and alignment that Clari provides. Today, we can better deliver mutual value to our company and customers.

Jeannine Crispino
VP of Customer Success, 6sense

How 6sense Partners with Clari for Customer Success Excellence

Spot renewal risk with activity analytics and AI-based scoring

Each quarter, 6sense customer success leaders review their pipeline in Clari to see how renewals are progressing within the context of the company’s strategic growth initiatives.

With real-time visibility into opportunity changes and health data, 6sense can identify risk early, then take proactive steps to course correct, mitigate churn, and meet their net dollar retention goals

Proactively identify expansion opportunities with activity data

Clari aggregates critical customer success information, including adoption, health, engagement, and renewal dates.

With this information, the 6sense customer success team can better prioritize accounts that present the best opportunities for upsells and cross-sells.

Confidently plan capacity with accurate AI-based forecasts

With reliable quarter-over-quarter forecast projections from Clari, 6sense gains insight into future demand for more headcount.

For example, if Clari predicts the sales team will close a certain number of net-new logos, then the 6sense customer success team knows how many new team members they need to add to meet capacity for next quarter.

With 6sense’s explosive growth, we’re constantly adding an influx of new customers. That means we need customer success capacity and staff ready to support our ever-increasing base. We review Clari sales forecasts and AI projections, so we can stay ahead of staffing needs and deliver world-class customer experiences.

Sanjay Kini
Chief Customer Officer, 6sense

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